TGA Titration


Titration TGA is a method for dosing a gas or a vapor aliquot (i.e. of known amount) on a sample being weighed by a TGA balance. It consists of the Autoinjector – which is the ultimate system for gas/vapor aliquots preparation – thermostated transfer lines, and a SETSYS Evolution TGA, STA or TGA-EGA analyzer.

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When it is applied to Evolved Gas Analysis, an MS, FTIR or GC/MS is connected to the TGA gas outlet and the gas analyzer signal is firstly calibrated based on the injected aliquots of the gas of interest. In a second phase, the tested material is heated and the gas analyzer signal corresponding to the gas of interest is treated to determine the quantity of this gas that has been evolved from the tested material.


It can be applied to the study of physisorption or chemisorption phenomena and to some extent to all gas-solid reactions (e.g. oxydo-reductions).

It is also perfectly suited to the calibration of all TGA-EGA (Evolved Gas Analysis) methods and allows for the quantification of a specific evolved chemical within a flow of different evolved gases.


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